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What happens during an inspection?

This depends on the type of inspection being carried out.  Initially, CJI will evaluate the inspection topic to establish if it will be carried out independently or would benefit from additional expertise provided by a partner inspectorate or agency.  CJI will ask the agency/ies involved to carry out a self assessment if it’s appropriate.  Research and fieldwork will follow which can include interviews with senior management and staff within the inspected agency/ies and consultation with stakeholders.  A draft report will be prepared and shared with the agencies involved to ensure factual accuracy.  Agencies are at this stage encouraged to prepare an action plan showing how they intend to address the recommendations made as a result of CJI’s inspection to be published alongside the inspection report.  Once the inspection process reaches its conclusion, the Chief Inspector submits the report to the Northern Ireland Office and seeks Ministerial approval to enable the Inspectorate to publish its report and place the document before Parliament.  More information can be found in the Our Approach section of the website.

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