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Welcome to Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJI). 

CJI is an independent statutory inspectorate with responsibility for inspecting all aspects of the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland apart from the judiciary.  It also inspects a number of other agencies and organisations that link into the criminal justice system.
CJI uses inspection to help strengthen public confidence in the agencies that make up the criminal justice system. 
It endeavours through its work to promote the effectiveness, efficiency and even-handedness of the criminal justice system. It also seeks to secure improvement and greater co-operation between the various statutory and voluntary organisations to provide a better justice system for the whole community in Northern Ireland.

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Latest News

Latest News
30 September 2014
The latest CJI review of the Police Ombudsman's Office has indicated independence linked to historical cases has been fully restored. View Report Page.
07 August 2014
CJI Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan has praised the standard of service and quality of reports provided by the State Pathologist's Department but called for improvements to be made to administration and business practices.  View report page. View eBook.
24 July 2014
Criminal Justice Inspection has issued its Business Plan for the current financial year.  The Business Plan lists CJI's organisational goals for 2014-15 and the programme of inspections and inspection reviews/action plan reviews the Inspectorate intends to undertake. ViewReportView eBook.
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