January - March


Sinn Fein representatives Raymond McCartney, Ciaran Kearney and Mike Ritchie call on CJI to discuss CJI’s published reports, the future work programme, and issues around community restorative justice.

The Secretary of State, Peter Hain states that CJI will inspect the effectiveness of Anti-Social Behavioural Orders (ASBOs) in Northern Ireland.  He also mentions that there is to be an in-house evaluation of the ASBO scheme this year. CJI’s inspection will take place in 2007.
CJI published its response to the consultation on community-based restorative justice.

The Chief Inspector gives a presentation to the NI Policing Board on proposed changes in the arrangements for inspection and on CJI’s plans for future inspections of the PSNI.  The plans will be published in April, subject to Ministerial approval

Dan Mulholland leaves CJI.  Dan was the NIO project manager who brought CJI into existence.  He is replaced as Business Manager by CJI Inspector Tom McGonigle on a part-time basis.  Tom will continue to lead inspections in his field of expertise.
Representatives of community-based restorative justice schemes meet with the Chief Inspector to discuss CJI’s proposed response to the Government’s consultation.
David Lidington MP,  Conservative spokesman on Northern Ireland, called on the Chief Inspector to discuss the current work of CJI .
The Irish News (p28) carried an article by CJI Inspector Paul Mageean about the Target-setting and Performance Management report, concentrating on the issue of improving public confidence in the criminal justice system.  The article was commented on favourably in the editorial (p10).
CJI published its report on the thematic review of Target-setting and Performance Management in the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland.
Launching his Fifth Report , the Justice Oversight Commissioner, Lord Clyde, said: "I should like to stress the importance of the role of the Chief Inspector.  That office has a continuing and vital part to play in the improvement of standards of conduct and of efficient and effective performance".

CJI held its annual Stakeholder Conference at the Dunadry Hotel, Antrim. The event, which was attended by about 100 people from the criminal justice agencies, non-statutory organisations and other interested parties, was opened by the Criminal Justice Minister, David Hanson MP. In the morning Kit Chivers gave a speech on the past and present work of CJI. This was followed by a session, introduced by Conal Devitt (Head of the Community Safety Unit) and Olwen Lyner (Chief Executive of NIACRO) on the role of the voluntary and community sector in the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland. In the afternoon CJI Deputy Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan presented for consultation CJI’s proposed inspection plans for the next three years

CJI Annual Report and Accounts for 2004-05 published.  The Annual Report without the accounts had been presented to Parliament in July 2005.

Alex Attwood MLA called on the Chief Inspector to discuss the Government's proposals on community-based restorative justice.


CJI published its report on the inspection of the Compensation Agency.