January - March

An inspection of the PSNI’s Training Strategy carried out by CJI has urged the Police Service to link its policy more closely with the priorities identified in the Northern Ireland Policing Plan. View Report. View Press release.
CJI has carried out its first inspection of the use of consultants within the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland.  The report examined the involvement of external consultants in traditional consultancy work and staff substitution over a three year period from 2005-06 to 2007-08.   The report has urged criminal justice organisations to put in place the same robust approach to staff substitution to consultancy – especially as expenditure in this area increased over the three year period from £10.9m in 2005-06 to £17.8m in 2007-08.  CJI’s Deputy Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan also recommended that when consultants were used, steps should be taken to ensure skills were transferred from the consultant to staff within the criminal justice organisation where they were working. View Report. View Press Release.
A report on fine enforcement in Northern Ireland by CJI has found that maintaining Northern Ireland’s high compliance rate is placing a substantial burden on police service and prison service resources.  View Report. View Press Release.
A report examining the treatment of people with mental health issues across the criminal justice system has been published by Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland.  View report. View Press Release.
CJI’s latest inspection report has examined the operation and management of the Probation Board’s Community Service Scheme in Northern Ireland.  The report has recognised the positive contribution community services schemes. View report. View Press Release.
CJI has today published the findings of its follow-up review of community-based restorative justice schemes operated by Northern Ireland Alternatives.  The review assessed the progress of the organisation since its last inspection in 2007 and its adherence to the Government Protocol for Community-Based Restorative Justice schemes.  View follow-up reviewView press release

CJI's latest Annual Report and Accounts have been presented to Parliament.
Dr Michael Maguire has given a speech at a conference on Justice and Devolution hosted by the School of Law at Queen’s University, Belfast.
Criminal Justice Inspection publishes a summary of its inspection report findings for 2009. This document gives an overview of the breadth of work undertaken during the year by the Inspectorate together with the key findings. The inspection work is a mix of organisation specific studies, follow-up work on previous inspections and thematic inspections that involve more than one organisation. To view the Inspection Report Findings document click here.
CJI is today’ hosting is 7th annual Stakeholder Conference. The theme for the conference is Making Change Happen. Over 180 delegates were present for the start of the conference and to hear the Chief Inspector’s opening remarks. For further information on the Stakeholder Conference please visit our Stakeholder Conference webpage.