The Care and Treatment of Victims and Witnesses by the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland

Inspectors are about to commence an inspection of the care and treatment of victims and witnesses by the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland.  It will compliment and build upon work already undertaken in inspections recently published by CJI on ‘The Starmer Review’ (Oct 17) and ‘Hate Crime’ (Dec 17) and on ongoing inspections into ‘Domestic Abuse and Violence’ and ‘Sexual Abuse & Violence’. 
Victims and witnesses need to feel safe and supported in order to come forward and give evidence.  For many this is a huge first step and having done so, the criminal justice system has a responsibility to maintain that confidence and to provide continuing support and engagement.  Inspectors will meet with a range of justice and stakeholder organisations who work in this area.  Any organisations or individuals who are interested in contributing to this important work can contact the inspection team by email at [email protected].
If you would like information on services currently available to victims and witnesses of crime, please go to the Department of Justice website by clicking here.