Head of Criminal Justice Inspection to meet Craigavon DPP

The Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice Kit Chivers is to meet with Members of Craigavon District Policing Partnership today, Thursday 4 May 2006.

Mr Chivers will give a presentation at a private meeting of the local DPP as part of on-going efforts to establish strong relationships with groups representing local communities that have an interest in the Criminal Justice system.
Speaking prior to the meeting, Mr Chivers said: “I am delighted to be able to meet the Chair of Craigavon DPP Cllr Ignatius Fox and the other members of the DPP and speak to them about the role of Criminal Justice Inspection (CJI) and the work being undertaken.”
“I hope the meeting will be both beneficial and informative for the DPP and for CJI,” he said, adding that he would be speaking to the DPP about the CJI’s upcoming inspection of Community Safety Partnerships.
“I also look forward to talking to the members of Craigavon DPP about the work we are undertaking locally as Craigavon Community Safety Partnership is one of four in Northern Ireland which we will be looking at in depth as part of this Inspection,” he said.
“CJI look at the Criminal Justice system through the eyes of its customers and are committed to encouraging continuous improvements in service to be made which will benefit everyone in Northern Ireland,” said Mr Chivers.
Craigavon DPP Chair Cllr Ignatius Fox said: “We welcome this opportunity to meet with Mr Chivers and to share with him our views on the relationship between our DPP and CSP. It is a very positive one, and with many Members being part of both partnerships, it provides a ready opportunity for communication.”