Inspection of Juvenile Justice Centre at RATHGAEL

The Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland, Kit Chivers, today published his report on an inspection of the Juvenile Justice Centre at Rathgael, Bangor. 

The report finds that the transition has been well managed, and that the young people are now being provided with a good standard of care, good educational and health services and a reasonable amount of physical activity – though there could be more, especially in the open air.  The premises are not ideal, however, and there is a problem in meeting the needs of the very small numbers of girls (occasionally just one or two) who have to be accommodated.  The report notes that the facility is expensive, and running costs will need to be borne in mind in planning the replacement Centre.
Kit Chivers said:
“It is much to the credit of the Director and of his managers and staff that, despite all the changes the Centre has been undergoing, this report is a positive one.  My overall conclusion is that the young people in the JJC are well cared for in a pleasant and stimulating environment.  This report commends the progress that has been made at the Centre and the good work the management and staff are doing, while recognizing that there is further to go in developing the culture of the Centre, working to reduce re-offending, taking fuller account of children's views and being more open and accountable to the public.”