Chief Inspector welcomes mutual recognition of driving disqualifications between the United Kingdom

The Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland, Brendan McGuigan has welcomed the introduction of the mutual recognition of driving disqualifications between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland which he believes will help improve road safety.

Speaking this morning (1 August 2017) after the change in legislation came into effect, Mr McGuigan said:
"I welcome the announcement that motorists who choose to flout the laws of the road and commit offences that lead to their prosecution and disqualification in Northern Ireland or another part of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, will have their driving bans recognised in either jurisdiction.
"Motorists who choose to drive recklessly or a manner which creates a danger and places other road users at risk cannot be tolerated, and I fully support the introduction of this legislative change which comes into force from today in the UK and Republic of Ireland.
The mutual recognition of driving  disqualification between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is something CJI called for in November 2016 after we published our inspection report on the Enforcement of road traffic legislation in Northern Ireland and subsequently gave evidence before the Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Justice.
"I am delighted that from now on, those motorists found guilty in Court in either jurisdiction will find their motoring bans do not disappear when travel north or south, or east or west across the border.  This is key information which should be accessible to police officers in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain who seek to ensure the safety of all road users," concluded the Chief Inspector.