CJI has today published an in-depth assessment of corporate governance within the Northern Ireland Prison Service.  The inspection examined the challenges the organisation faces in delivering a modern, efficient and effective prison service.  View reportView press release.
CJI has today publicly reported on how domestic violence and abuse cases are handled by the criminal justice system. View report. View press release.
A new report on Roads Policing in Northern Ireland published today by CJI has welcomed the progress made in this critical area over the last two years to progress eight of the nine recommendations made by the Inspectorate in its original 2008 inspection report. View Report. View Press Release.
CJI has completed its report for the Minister of Justice, David Ford MLA on the Northern Ireland Prison Service’s enquiry into the erroneous release of two prisoners on 29 September and 1 October 2010.  View report. View press release.
Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland has completed its inspection into issues arising from sexual offence cases involving the McDermott brothers from Donagh Co. Fermanagh.
The report was published today by the Minister of Justice and has been shared with the survivors involved in the McDermott brothers’ cases.  View report. View press release.
CJI has extended its thanks to those victims and witnesses who completed the Inspectorate’s recent survey.
The six week long survey was launched in September came to a close at the end of October. 

Derek Williamson from CJI and Susan Reid, of Victim Support Northern Ireland are urging victims and witnesses of crime to tell their story in order to help improve the experience of others in the future before the CJI victims and witnesses survey ends on 31 October 2010.  
Dr Michael Maguire has today published the findings of CJI’s recent inspection into the provision of prisoner escort and court custody arrangements in Northern Ireland.
The report made a number of strategic and agency specific recommendations aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of existing arrangements. View ReportView Press Release

CJI has today published its terms of reference for its inspection of the handling of sexual offences cases in Northern Ireland.

The Inspectorate was invited to undertake this work in September 2010 by the Minister of Justice, David Ford MLA, after issues were identified in relation to the handling of the case of the McDermott case in Donagh, Co Fermanagh. View more.
CJI and its inspection partners Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) have today published its latest inspection report on Magilligan Prison.  The report recognises improvements which have been made at the prison and calls for steps to be taken to address barriers to further progress. View report. View press release.
CJI has today published its Business Plan for 2010-11.  The Plan outlines the objectives and targets the Inspectorate has set itself for the current financial year and the inspection work it intends to undertake.  Copies of the Business Plan are available for download from the CJI website.
CJI has published its review of how hate crime is managed in Northern Ireland.  The review picks up where the original inspection report left off three years ago and reports on the progress made to implement recommendations made in 2007.  View review. View press release.
CJI has today published its Annual Report and Accounts for 2009-10.  The report, which was approved by the Comptroller and Auditor General of the National Audit Office was presented to the Houses of Parliament and laid in the Northern Ireland Assembly on Monday 26 July 2010.  View Annual Report
Criminal Justice Inspection has published a report into how the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland handles cases involving sexual violence and abuse.  View report. View press release.
Dr Michael Maguire has called for a change in the way justice organisations work in order to reduce the time it takes for an individual to pass through the criminal justice system.  The Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice made the call following the publication of a major inspection report by CJI which looked at avoidable and unnecessary delays in the justice system.  View reportView press release.
CJI has today published its follow-up review of an inspection of Royal Mail Group’s investigative function.  The review examined progress made in implementing recommendations made by CJI two years ago in its original inspection report. View report. View press release.
The Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice today provided his first briefing to the Northern Ireland Assembly’s Committee for Justice at Parliament Buildings, Stormont.  During the afternoon meeting, Dr Michael Maguire provided an overview of the key findings of CJI’s inspection reports and follow-reviews since 2004 and outlined the areas the Inspectorate would be looking at as part of its 2010-11 Inspection Programme.  Speaking after the meeting, Dr Maguire said he welcomed the meeting with the members of the Committee for Justice and hoped this initial meeting would signal the start of a strong working relationship for the future.
Dr Michael Maguire today met with the new Attorney General for Northern Ireland Mr John Larkin QC at his office in Belfast City Centre.  The Chief Inspector was one of the first representatives from the criminal justice sector to meet with the Attorney following his appointment by the First Minister Peter Robinson, MLA and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MP, MLA on 24 May.  The Attorney is the first local Attorney General to be appointed for 37 years.  Speaking following the meeting, Dr Maguire said he welcomed the opportunity to engage with the Attorney General at such an early stage and looked forward to working with him in the future.
CJI has praised Belfast Harbour Police in a new follow-up inspection review for the work it has undertaken to date to implement recommendations made by the Inspectorate in 2008.  View review. View press release.

CJI's Chief Inspector Dr Michael Maguire today met with David Ford MLA, Minister for Justice to consult on the CJI inspection agenda.
CJI’s Chief Inspector Dr Michael Maguire has given a presentation to senior management team at Hydebank Wood Young Offenders Centre.  The presentation looked at the background to the Inspectorate and its objectives, the purpose of prison inspection and a view on what success should look like.  During his presentation, Dr Maguire discussed CJI’s recent vulnerable prisoners inspection.
CJI has today published the findings of its inspection of the management of jurors by the Northern Ireland Court Service. The report, which was largely positive, examined the experience of those summonsed as jurors from the point of notification and summons through to their arrival at court, to the pre-trial, trial and post-trial stages. View report. View press release
CJI Inspectors have praised the work of the Youth Conference Service in a follow-up review of the service published today.  The review assessed the progress of the organisation to implement recommendations made in the Inspectorate’s original inspection report published in February 2008. View Report. View press release.
An inspection of the PSNI’s Training Strategy carried out by CJI has urged the Police Service to link its policy more closely with the priorities identified in the Northern Ireland Policing Plan. View Report. View Press release.
CJI has carried out its first inspection of the use of consultants within the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland.  The report examined the involvement of external consultants in traditional consultancy work and staff substitution over a three year period from 2005-06 to 2007-08.   The report has urged criminal justice organisations to put in place the same robust approach to staff substitution to consultancy – especially as expenditure in this area increased over the three year period from £10.9m in 2005-06 to £17.8m in 2007-08.  CJI’s Deputy Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan also recommended that when consultants were used, steps should be taken to ensure skills were transferred from the consultant to staff within the criminal justice organisation where they were working. View Report. View Press Release.
A report on fine enforcement in Northern Ireland by CJI has found that maintaining Northern Ireland’s high compliance rate is placing a substantial burden on police service and prison service resources.  View Report. View Press Release.
A report examining the treatment of people with mental health issues across the criminal justice system has been published by Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland.  View report. View Press Release.
CJI’s latest inspection report has examined the operation and management of the Probation Board’s Community Service Scheme in Northern Ireland.  The report has recognised the positive contribution community services schemes. View report. View Press Release.
CJI has today published the findings of its follow-up review of community-based restorative justice schemes operated by Northern Ireland Alternatives.  The review assessed the progress of the organisation since its last inspection in 2007 and its adherence to the Government Protocol for Community-Based Restorative Justice schemes.  View follow-up reviewView press release

CJI's latest Annual Report and Accounts have been presented to Parliament.
Dr Michael Maguire has given a speech at a conference on Justice and Devolution hosted by the School of Law at Queen’s University, Belfast.
Criminal Justice Inspection publishes a summary of its inspection report findings for 2009. This document gives an overview of the breadth of work undertaken during the year by the Inspectorate together with the key findings. The inspection work is a mix of organisation specific studies, follow-up work on previous inspections and thematic inspections that involve more than one organisation. To view the Inspection Report Findings document click here.
CJI is today’ hosting is 7th annual Stakeholder Conference. The theme for the conference is Making Change Happen. Over 180 delegates were present for the start of the conference and to hear the Chief Inspector’s opening remarks. For further information on the Stakeholder Conference please visit our Stakeholder Conference webpage.