Inspectorate finds progress on Policing with the Community

A follow-up review by CJI has found progress within the PSNI over the last three years to embed the ethos of Policing with the Community (PWC) across the organisation.

Speaking following the publication of the review, Acting Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan said: "I welcome the steps taken since CJI first reported in 2009 to place the community policing ethos at the centre of policing in Northern Ireland.  The work PSNI has undertaken is to be commended and over 700 officers are now involved in undertaking neighbourhood policing duties across Northern Ireland.  This increased focus on neighbourhood policing is positive."
However Mr McGuigan said that he wanted to see the investment protected so that neighbourhood policing was adequately sustained into the future.
"This will become particularly important when pressures to sustain officer numbers in other police areas occur," he said.
Mr McGuigan also urged the PSNI to build upon the work undertaken to date by fully completing CJI's inspection recommendations.