Partnership working central to tackling anti-social behaviour

A new inspection report by CJI looking at anti-social behaviour has highlighted the importance of partnership working between the justice system and other Government departments in addressing the issue. View Report Page

Speaking following the publication of the report, Brendan McGuigan CJI's Acting Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice said: "Anti-social behaviour is a cross-cutting issue which requires significant partnership working in the areas of prevention, intervention and enforcement."
He went on to highlight the positive impact the Department of Justice's Community Safety Strategy could have in promoting collaboration at a strategic and local level.
The recently formed Policing and Community Safety Partnerships he said also had a key role to play in terms of educating the community around anti-social behaviour and facilitating greater communication and discussion between independent members of the community political parties and statutory agencies, around how it can be addressed.
Mr McGuigan also drew attention to the importance of early intervention especially when dealing with young people as doing so helped prevent future offending, protect victims and prevent deterioration in local community environments.