Freedom of Information (FOI)

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CJI is fully committed to be as open and accountable as it can be. To that end all of our published reports are available to download free of charge. However, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 we are compelled to make information available to you upon request with certain exceptions. To find out more about these and other rights to information we suggest you visit the site of the information commissioner. If you want to make a request for information from CJI please follow the step-by step guide below so that we can respond as soon as we can.
Individual rights
Individuals also have the right under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act to request copies of information not available under publication schemes.  Under the Data Protection Act (DPA) you may also request a copy of any personal data which CJI holds about you.
Your right to information
In most cases you will be able to obtain the information you seek simply by consulting CJI’s website or contacting our Business Support Team.
In the event that you do need to seek to obtain information from us under FOI you should follow our step by step guide to making a request for information:
How do I get information?
CJI will provide a wide range of information across all areas of its remit. This information may be accessed on our website at
Anyone seeking information not on the website or more information about what it contains should get in touch with the office as a first port of call. The office of the CJI can be contacted at:
Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland
Block 1, Knockview Buildings       
Stormont Estate
BT4 3SJ       
Tel:      028 9076 5764
Email us at [email protected]
or by completing the enquiry form on the Contact Us page of our website
Our response
CJI will respond to your request promptly and, in any event, within 20 working days.  At present there is no fee for information requests though in the event of a request requiring a substantial proportion of our resources to answer the FOI Act enables us to levy a charge.
Further information on Freedom of Information and your rights
If you wish to learn more, the Freedom of Information Act (2000) can be accessed via the Office of Public Sector Information website.
Further information about Freedom of Information and Data Protection can be obtained from:
Northern Ireland Information Commissioner's Office
 51 Adelaide Street
Belfast, BT2 8FE
Northern Ireland 
Telephone: 028 9026 9380
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Information Line: 01625545745